Columbia Hills Wildflowers

The balsam root and lupine wildflowers in the Columbia Gorge were remarkable this year. High winds turned my first visit into just a scouting trip. So I watched the weather forecasts and returned two days later when low winds were predicted. Other than the fact that the view of Mt. Hood was obscured, the conditions were perfect for photos – no wind and cloudy skies. I returned yet again four days later to show Martha the amazing display. Since I had already bagged a large number of good images, it was just a good walk and I had no problem with the weekend crowds, bright sun, and moderate wind.

The trip’s photo album can be found here.


Columbia Gorge in the Spring

This year I wanted to capture some Gorge waterfalls during Spring high water. So during the last week of March I made three sorties from Portland.

The trip’s photo album can be found here.


India & Myanmar

Bend friend, Andy, and I spent 5 weeks in late January and February exploring India and Myanmar. The impetus was photographer Art Wolfe’s announcement last November of a 9 day tour of India’s Kumbh Mela Hindu festival and Ranthambore tiger reserve. Although India wasn’t at the top of my photography “bucket list”, the Khumb had long intriqued me and I had long admired Art’s work & TV show, “Travels to the Edge”. Furthermore, it had also been quite a while since I had had a photography-centric trip. So we jumped at the opportunity. In addition, Art’s colleague, Gavriel Jecan, was organizing a follow-on trip to eastern central India to photograph indigenous cultures not often seen by westerners and we signed up for that as well. Finally, we added 8 days in Myanmar since that was near the top of my list of places to visit. And since Gavriel had photographed Myanmar many times, we enlisted him to guide us on that portion of the trip as well.

All the trip’s photo albums can be found here.


Broken Top and New 11-24mm Lens

Every year I try to get up to the unnamed lake at the eastern foot of Broken Top to shoot its wildflowers. Peak bloom is usually in late August or early September, but this summer I have found most locations to be at least a month early. So I guessed on early August and hit it about right. There is a scary lack of snow – for example, there is absolutely no ice on the lake which I have never seen before, even in mid-September.

And this was a perfect opportunity to try out my new Canon 11-24 mm super wide-angle lens … in the past I have often had to stitch together multiple exposures to fully capture Broken Top looming over wildflowers and the lake!

The entire photo gallery can be found here.


Canyon Creek Meadows & Three Finger Jack

Canyon Creek Meadows, at the eastern foot of Three Finger Jack in Central Oregon, often has one of the best wildflower displays in the Oregon Cascades; and every year I attempt to catch its peak during late July. I knew that it would be early this year but never dreamed that it would be the third week in June. Luckily I happened to run into someone who had just hiked in and found its wildflowers peaking. So, I was able to drop everything and spend a night up there … it was spectacular! The entire photo gallery can be found here.

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