Columbia Gorge Waterfalls in the Fall

One of the best times to photograph in the Columbia Gorge is during fall color. So this year I patiently waited through a record wet October, hoping that a weather window would open before fallen leaves rotted. Finally, right at October’s end, 2 to 3 days of relatively dry weather were forecast and off to the Gorge I went. After a very wet afternoon shooting Washington’s Panther Creek Falls, the next two days did turn out to be dry and were spent on the Gorge’s Oregon side. Oneonta Gorge and its Falls were my principal goal, but hiking up the gorge was impossible due to high water (neck deep at spots). So I turned my attention to two other favorites: Mossy Grotto and Elowah Falls. The fall color was minimal but did add some interest.

The trip’s photo album can be found here.

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