Since our Bend house was about 20 miles outside the eclipse’s path of totality, we drove 30 miles to Black Butte Ranch which was about 10 miles inside the path. Fortunately we were able to stay with Portland friends, Gale and Roger, and their lovely family and have a very sane, uncrowded viewing site on one of the private golf course’s fairways. I had previously decided to not photograph the eclipse but instead just fully experience it. However, my grandson convinced me otherwise (it wasn’t difficult) and I’m glad that I did decide to capture it. However, it was almost a disaster — I missed the first 30 seconds of the 1:14 totality when I knocked my camera’s cable release loose (while removing the lens’ solar filter) and had to fumble in the dark to reattach it. But I saw and was able to photograph the totality’s full trailing half. In any case, the experience as AWESOME and I suspect that I’ll do almost anything to see another!

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