Rick Samco Photography

Rick Samco Photography

Canyon Creek Meadows & Three Fingered Jack, August 7-8

This is a gallery of images from an August 7th hike into Upper Canyon Creek Meadows, at the eastern foot of Three Fingered Jack. The wildflowers are extremely late this year, with the lower meadows having average year in quantity & quality. The upper meadow's wildflowers were just starting, but it appeared that it would be a very poor year.

The terminal moraine of the Circ Lake above the upper meadows had breached a few days before, lowering its level an estimated 10-15'. This caused a very large debris flow onto the northern portion of the upper meadows. In addition, there had been a very large winter avalance from the north which had also carried a lot of timber debris onto this section of the meadow!

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Panorama from above Three Fingered Jack's Circ Lake:

2nd Panorama from above Three Fingered Jack's Circ Lake:

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