Rick Samco Photography

Rick Samco Photography

Utah Mountain Biking

Between April 24 & May 4, 2010, m Portland friend Larry and I had a mountain biking adventure in Eastern Utah and Western Colorado:

  • A one day, warm-up ride in Black Dragon Wash, off of I-70 in Utah's San Rafael Reef;
  • A six day hiking and biking trip organized by Western Spirit into Canyonland National Park's "Maze":
    • One day hike down into Horseshoe (aka Barrier) Canyon to see Pictographs, including the famous Great Gallery panel;
    • Bike ride from North Point to The Maze Overlook;
    • One day climb down into The Maze to explore its bottom & see the Harvest Pictograph Panel;
    • Three more days of mountain biking, finishing up at the Hite Marina area of Lake Powell.
  • Couple days of mountain biking around the Fruita, CO, area;
  • A day of mountain biking just outside of Moab, UT.

All in all, we had a great time, albeit it wasn't the warm vacation we envisioned.

And I was able to snap some pictures ... see below galleries.