Rick Samco Photography

Rick Samco Photography

Southern Utah Trip

From May 9-15, Bob Ironside and I traveled to Southern Utah and had the following great adventures:

  • Spent a day exploring Canyonland National Park's "Island in the Sky" region – getting up early for the sunrise at Mesa Arch, exploring the little known "False Kiva", investigating the ruins on Aztec Butte, as well as visiting the area's many viewpoints overlooking the Green and Colorado Rivers.

  • Spent 5 days backpacking down much of the Cedar Mesa area's Grand Gulch. This is a long and deep canyon carved into Cedar Mesa's sandstone and is full of hundreds of Native American ruin sites.

  • Spent a day and a half exploring other Cedar Mesa sights near Grand Gulch – Road Canyon's Fallen Roof Ruins & The Citadel, Mule Canyon's House on Fire Ruins, and Comb Ridge's wonderful Procession Panel of petroglyphs.

  • Lastly, we explored the San Rafael Reef region to the northwest as we started the drive back home – Goblins Valley, Little Wildhorse slot canyon, and Utah's "Little Grand Canyon" carved by the San Rafael River.

All in all, we had a fabulous time. And I was able to snap a "few" pictures ... to see some of them, browse the below galleries.