Owens Valley, Death Valley, Valley of Fire, & White Pocket

I am finally getting around to posting images from a productive two week March photography outing with Bend friend, Andy. The impetus for trip was a 5 day photography workshop in eastern California, lead by Erin Babnik and Ted Gore. I have long admired both Erin and Ted’s work, and last year I enjoyed an Erin workshop in the Dolomites (Dolomites albums).

As part of this workshop and on our own, we explored California’s Death and Owens Valleys, Nevada’s Valley of Fire, and Arizona’s White Pocket. We were also unsuccessful in obtaining a permit into The Wave and had to turn back on the drive into South Coyotes Buttes due to road conditions. In fact, this failure was a final nudge toward ordering a Sprinter 4×4 camper-van from Sportsmobile ?. I have a long list of difficult-to-get-to locations waiting for this baby, but unfortunately they will have to wait until after its delivery late next summer ?.

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