Website migrated to new server

This website has been hosted on the same Linux server technology at GoDaddy for almost ten years and it has been increasingly showing its age. And there have been recent problems which didn’t have any work arounds. So, I finally bit-the-bullet and spent the last couple of days moving to a modern-day cPanel Linux server. You shouldn’t notice any changes […]

Website Converted to WordPress

Over four years ago this website was fully implemented using the WSPP Impact technology and over the past year it has started to show its age. As I have posted earlier, I have recently migrated all of this site’s photo galleries over to software that better handles today’s huge range of mobile devices. When that […]

New Website Changes

I have made, or are in the process of making, a number of changes to the Samcos website: New Photo Gallery Software. I have long been looking for new website software with the ability to give ancillary info along side the photo galleries themselves. For example, I often would like to give a trip description, […]

New Website Technical Issues

Just a heads-up that if you experience one of the following problems at the Samco Family Website, you are not alone: a) Some photo galleries are causing the browser to crash with an out of memory error.  It seems to mostly happen in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and Safari on the iPad. b) After tapping/clicking […]

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